Below are a list of resources that our pastor can lend out,

This list is not exhaustive and it will hopeful grow over time!


  • What’s so amazing about Grace, Phillip Yancey (couldn’t recommend highly enough)

  • Surprised by Hope, Tom Wright (a great book about the Christian hope written intelligently and accessibly)

  • Doubt, Alister McGrath (for people who are perhaps struggling with doubts - ...and an encouragement that its not necessarily a bad thing)

  • Radical Believers, Paul Beasley-Murray (‘what Baptists are’ book - and why our roots are pretty radical!)

  • Mere Christianity, CS Lewis (Christianity Basics - still the best of its kind)

  • Screwtape letters, CS Lewis

  • A Grief Observed, CS Lewis (highly recommended for Christians struggling with grief and loss)

  • The Irresistible revolution, Shane Claiborne (radical christian living for people who want faith without all of the religiosity.)

  • Following God without Embarrassing Jesus!, Tony Compolo

  • The Bible For Dummies

  • The Cost of Discipleship - Dietrich Bonhoeffer (classic - remains relevant and challenging)

  • The return of the prodigal Son - Henri Nouwen

  • Unapologetic, Francis Stafford (why Christianity makes sense - very contemporary)

  • Too Busy Not to Pray, Bill Hybels (importance of prayer)

  • Rules of Engagement, Katharine and Richard Hill (book for couples approaching marriage)

  • ESSENTIAL 100 - (a book that will take you through the whole bible story in 100 Bible readings, with a reflection for each one)

  • ESSENTIAL JESUS (as above but 100 Bible readings and reflections to help get your head around the Bible's greatest story - Jesus!)


  • The miracle maker (brilliant ‘life of Jesus' told in a creative way - Ralph Fiennes is a brilliant voice for Jesus!)

  • Life on the front line - London institute for Contemporary Christianity 2 DVD aimed at equipping ‘ordinary people’ to be salt and light in the real world

  • Rob Bell Nooma videos (brilliant short Christian talks to get you thinking)

  • SOUL - a UK video resource for young people wanting to find out more about Christianity, very well made by the ‘Christianity Explored’ team.

  • Discipleship Explored Series- a series of 8 engaging and thought provoking short video teachings based on the book of Phillipians for Christians who want to reflect more deeply on what it actually means to be a disciple of Jesus today (comes with a participants booklet if required for deeper study and reflection on each session)


  • Essential ivp reference collection on DVD rom

  • Cd audio book of ‘why I am a Christian’ by John Stott

  • Cd audio book of ‘the case for faith’ by award winning New york times journalist Lee Strobel, talking about how he went from Atheist to Christian.

  • Cd audio book of ‘Prayer’ by Philip Yancey

  • Cd audio book - an imitation of Christ, by Thomas a Kempis