At Pisgah Baptist Church, the biblical concept of ‘family’ both defines and guides us. As fond as we are of our place of worship and its rich associated history, we believe that church is not so much a particular place or building, but rather a family of believers, committed to Jesus, to one another and the world around us (and we are a tiny part of that wider family which stretches across many traditions and geographical boundaries)

In this family we believe that everybody is equal, for everybody has a part to play in the service of God. In the Baptist tradition there is no hierarchy of bishops or priests exercising authority over their members. From the youngest to the oldest, the Minister to the least inclined to lead, we have different roles and abilities and all stand equal before God.

Baptists are a grass-roots, bible believing people, with a particular emphasis on the local church. Pisgah, in line with other Baptist Churches, is self-governing and self-supporting.

We have a minister with pastoral oversight and he is supported by a team of Deacons appointed by the membership but all important decisions are discussed and prayerfully decided upon in Church meetings by the whole family.

Although each Baptist church is an independent entity, Baptists nonetheless have always believed in associating with one another - both locally, nationally and internationally. We are a part of the Baptist Union of Wales and are active members of the Pembrokeshire Baptist Association.

We are also committed to our fellow Christian believers across the denominational boundaries and enjoy a strong partnership with both our Anglican and Methodist neighbours locally.

Although we all have our own particular ‘flavours’ we are fundamentally one family believing in the same loving Father God

Oh yes......

and as the name (John the) Baptist suggests, we Baptise (full water immersion) believers old

enough to choose to follow Jesus for themselves rather than christen babies - its a fundamental part of our tradition.