Pembrokeshire Baptist Association

It is great news for us that David, our pastor will be the president of the PBA for the year 2018/2019.

Brief description of David's Presidential Theme 2018/19 - 'Being Real'

The Bible hero who helped inspire my theme is..... Jeremiah. Hmm, Sorry about that!

Spiritual eeyore, yes, but he was also ‘real’ - a quality that allowed God to forge the necessary kind of relationship that was foundational to his being used powerfully.

‘Being real’ isn’t a how to guide, it’s rather an invitation to reflect; are we? (being real).


Sometimes we Christians are extremely good at presenting perfect fronts - perfect lives, perfect marriages etc. As a youngster in the 1980’s I remember being able to talk to my non-church friends about virtually anything but there seemed no place in Church for my fears, flaws, doubts and difficult questions.

How many of us today wear masks, pretend everything is ok? Even reluctant to pour our hearts out in complete uncensored honesty to the God who invited us to approach him as a small child approaches a father?

In 15 years as a mental health professional I met a significant number of Christians with varying degrees of mental and social vulnerability who have failed to find a home in Church. Many carry the scars of rejection. Would some of these chaotically messy, complicated and often difficult souls discover the fathers open armed, loving acceptance among his earthly representatives in your Church?

Will they/we discover the empathy of fellow struggling travellers as we carry our crosses together on a road that can be extremely painful at times?